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Fabric stories: Our Australian Aboriginal fabrics made from feather-soft cotton

Fabric stories: Our Australian Aboriginal fabrics made from feather-soft cotton

In the blog category Stories we want you with further background knowledge about the different colorful fabrics in our shop. In short articles that take 3-5 minutes to read, we go into the cultural background, the history and the people behind the fabrics. We want to make it clear why the fabrics go so well with us and our range. Today it is about the Aboriginal fabrics.

Aboriginal fabrics: buOur Australian fabrics are nt, decorative and, above all, exciting

Aboriginal art was once painted in caves, on rocks, shields and spears and served cultural purposes such as rituals, ceremonies or music. Today you can find the dotted motifs from the oldest art tradition in the world on the finest cotton in our Online-Shop Kaufen.

Culture and tradition

Art is an important part of the main rituals of the Aborigines, among other things, ceremonial clothes were decorated with the figurative pattern and have a spiritual meaning. The original motifs of the native people of Australia are 50.000 years old and depict depictions of people, animals and mythical creatures. These representations of the figures come from the dream scene, from the so-called ancestral dreams, which go back to the time the earth was formed. Since there are very many different Aboriginal tribes in Australia, the interpretation of the dream of creation is very regionally shaped. When choosing colors, ocher plays a major role, accompanied by red, yellow, black and purple tones.

More than just colored dots, the art of dot painting

Aborigines seem to tell their story in colored dots. This style of dot painting is their most famous art form and in earlier times was interpreted as a kind of map with landscapes and vegetation.

The other form of traditional patterns is made up of cross-hatching, which contains lines and points, mostly darker areas that are framed with colorful circles and rings. The elongated representations are characterized by symbols and have a very dynamic style.

Widely used art

In our time, too, Aboriginal art is given importance. In 2010 the Museum Ludwig in Cologne dedicated its exhibition to contemporary painting in India, which was called “Remembering Forward - Painting by the Australian Aborigines since 1960”.

The designs for the Aboriginal fabrics are designed exclusively by Aboriginal artists, especially women. No point is placed randomly, a story is told with each motif. As unique as the art of the native Australians is, so are these colorful fabrics. Through their art, Aborigines have found a way to express their culture even further and to pass it on. 

Be inspired by the mysterious, hidden world of the Australian Aborigines to keep these stories alive.

And if you need a little support, a lot Sewing Ideas We also offer you the rest for these and other fabrics.

Our aboriginal fabrics

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