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Interview with Rabea Hildner, founder of Pretty Pattern

Interview with Rabea Hildner, founder of Pretty Pattern and the Handmade Fashion Show

In our series of interviews, we will inform you about exciting, interesting and, above all, creative personalities. It doesn't matter whether you are a musician, designer or founder. We are about inspiration, fun and creativity. All of the personalities we interview have links to our work.

This time we introduce you to Rabea from Pretty Pattern with her new idea: she initiated the handmade fashion show last year!

Homemade fashion is celebrating!

We are super excited, because it won't be long before the so-called Handmade Fashion Show will be back on May 17, 2022. A great online project with a lot of potential for exchange. The Handmade Fashion Show is a sewing event without any sewing. It is important to Rabea to unite the entire sewing industry, to celebrate sewing itself and to give hobby seamstresses a platform for exchange without the sewing machine rattling.
We think this event should not be missed and we are very happy that Rabea gave us an interview to find out more about her project.


What exactly is the Handmade Fashion Show?

The Handmade Fashion Show is the digital catwalk for self-sewn clothing. Last year I launched the online fashion show. This year, 36 models were selected to present self-sewn clothing for each of the three categories: Casual, City and Party Look. This resulted in over 100 outfits in total, which will be shown on May 17 at 20 p.m. on the Pretty Pattern online platform.

How did you come up with this great idea?

It is important to me to unite the sewing scene and make it more transparent. There are so many lone wolves in the sewing scene. Countless sewing pattern labels, many hobby seamstresses and many small fabric shops. The Handmade Fashion Show is intended to bundle all these individual parts and thereby become a big whole.


Who are the models of the fashion show and how are they selected?

The show's models are sewing bloggers who just love to sew. It was important to me that the models cover the variety of body types. At the beginning of the year a Instagram casting happened. More than 100 models applied. Anyone could record and submit a small catwalk reel.


Do you have men with you too?

Yes, actually two men applied. One of them managed to be on the show. I've been very happy about it.


When and where is the show taking place and what can viewers expect?

The show will take place on Tuesday May 17th at 20pm on Pretty Pattern's online platform. Normal tickets to the show are free. Everyone who would like to be inspired by self-sewn fashion is cordially invited to attend. The special thing about the show is that the outfits are presented in small film elements. So you get a very unadulterated impression of the sewn works.


The 100 VIP tickets are all gone, but maybe next time: where can I find out about the next ticket sale in time?

On May 04th from 20 p.m. the last 10 tickets will go on sale. The best way to stay informed is to subscribe to my newsletter. Here I regularly send current information. If you don't feel like receiving newsletters, you are very welcome to follow me on Instagram @prettypattern.de follow or my YouTube channel: Handmade Fashion TV subscribe to. I would be very happy about it.


What's up with the fabric sponsors?

Almost every model was given a fabric sponsor at this show. The outfits for the show were discussed with the fabric sponsor. The fabric godfather was there to advise and sponsored the fabric for the outfits of the show. I was delighted that so many fabric retailers have expressed an interest in attending the show.


You also want to strengthen sustainability with the fashion show. Could you explain this further?


Yes absolutely! Sustainability is very important to me. The event is intended to call on every hobby seamstress to simply let the sewing needle rest. As a creative person, you are constantly exposed to a flood of new ideas. On the one hand, this is super inspiring and great. On the other hand, you are constantly subject to the urge to sew new things. Often you're in the process of buying new fabrics for new projects, but you can't keep up with the sewing itself. It doesn't always have to be a new part. The models also had the option of combining one of the three required outfits with existing items of clothing.


Where does your enthusiasm for self-sewn clothes come from?

I find it fascinating to realize yourself 100%. In the past, I've always found that I didn't like the clothes in the fashion boutiques. I often didn't like a detail and I often came home frustrated after a shopping spree. Either I didn't really like the fashion, or it was just so expensive that I wasn't willing to spend my money on it. Sewing your own fashion combines your own taste with creativity. That inspires me!


What was the first piece of clothing you sewed yourself?

My first piece of clothing was actually a sewing project for my kids. I have equipped her with a set of scarf and hat.


What have you never sewn but would like to sew one day?

I would very much like to sew myself a sports outfit someday.


On your website prettypattern you also sell your own e-books for timeless and simple fashion. Where do you get your inspiration for new patterns from?

My inspiration is my chosen taste in fashion that already exists. I only develop patterns that I like to wear myself. Timelessly beautiful, with that certain extra.


What are your central issues that concern you?

The self-sewn fashion offers so much potential to adapt the fashion to yourself and not to have to wear ready-made fashion. It is possible to underline one's own type at all levels. The variety of figure and styling types is so great. I would like to put an exclamation mark behind this diversity. In my eyes, a perfect outfit is perfect when the person finds himself 100% in the chosen pattern, in the colors, shapes of the fashion and the styling. On my YouTube channel I try to track down this complexity. How do you go from handmade to fashion? I find this question extremely exciting.


What is the bigger vision for you personally behind the handmade fashion show, or where do you want your project to go?

My vision for the Handmade Fashion Show is that the project will continue to grow. It should reach the sewing scene in Germany, unite it and make it more transparent. We are allowed to celebrate self-sewn fashion because it is worth celebrating! Every DIY lover should have the chance to be inspired by the variety of figures and types of my models. Everyone should be motivated to sit down at the sewing machine and create fashion that they really like. This is the only way to create fashion from favorite pieces that is sustainable and reflects the joy of sewing in everyday life. Sewing is simply the most beautiful hobby in this world!

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