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Unique fabrics from all over the world | Free shipping from 80 €

Our offer to commercial customers

For commercial customers True Fabrics an Flat rate discount of 10% at. The Minimum order of the first order is 350 € (net).

Target Group

Your business should have something to do with sewing, needlework or the processing or selling of textiles. This should also be clear from the trade license. Please understand that we have to pay attention to this.

How do I get a business discount?

Put yourself in Account consider True Fabrics at. Send us an email to gewerbekunden@truefabrics.de with the request to activate a commercial customer account and the name of your customer account. Please send us your trade license as a PDF or JPEG file attached.

We will activate your commercial customer account "by hand", please be patient. We will send you an email promptly that your account is now active. 

As soon as your account has been confirmed by us by email, you can get started 🙂