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In our shop you will not only find great fabrics from different countries and regions of the world. We also have very nice fabrics from “just around the corner” - namely from Berlin! There the great screen-printed posters are made in filigree handwork. The Colorblind Patterns are available in 90 x 40 cm pieces made of bleached cotton fabric and in order to use every inch of the fabric, we will show you today how you can sew a bag to draw tight from a screen-printed poster. With the finished dimensions of 36 x 41 cm you will definitely find a great use for your bag. Mine will go straight into my travel bag and will keep things tidy there. The instructions can be downloaded as a PDF below.  

free sewing instructions bag to close

free sewing instructions sew a bag

Sewing instructions bag free of charge

Sewing bags with free instructions

Material pouch to close



  • 0,5 m cotton, e.g. colorblind patterns
  • Cotton cord, 2 m
  • optional: safety pin


  • Fabric scissors and / or rotary cutters
  • Wonderclips
  • large patchwork ruler
  • Sewing machine, optional: overlock sewing machine

Sew the bag, cut off the edges


1. Cut: cut off the edges

First, cut off the white edges of your screen-printed poster so that the great pattern remains in the end. Here you can also work wonderfully with a large ruler and a rotary cutter.

Sew the bag, cut two strips


2. Cut two strips

Fold your piece of fabric in half lengthways and neatly position all corners on top of each other. If the corners keep slipping, you can fix them with clips or pins. Place your large ruler parallel to the edge with a distance of 5 cm from the outer edge.

Cut off a long 5 cm wide strip, the fabric is double. Then halve your strip so that you get two 45 cm long strips.

Sew the bag, put the bag body together


3. Put the bag body together

Take the large piece of fabric and fold it right sides together so that the side edges meet directly.

Pin the whole thing down well. The top edge stays open while the fold of fabric forms your bottom.


4. Sew the bag body together

Sew the bag body together at the side edges. You can do this with your sewing machine, first sew together with a straight stitch and a seam allowance of approx. 0,7 cm (i.e. the width of a presser foot). Lock the beginning and end of the seam well.

Then neaten the two edges with a zigzag stitch. You can also sew the body of the bag together with an upper lock. Here you only need one seam per side. Tie the roundworm in the lower corners and cut it tightly.


Sew the bag, turn the bag


5. Turn the bag over

Turn your bag right side out and shape the corners.


Sew bags, iron short edges


6. Strips: iron short edges

The drawstring for your bag is created with the help of the two strips of fabric. The first thing to do is to iron over the short edges.

First fold the edge approx. 2 cm, iron over briefly and fold the edge again approx. 1 cm. Iron over here too. Fix the fold with a clamp and repeat this with the remaining short edges.


Sew the bag, topstitch the edge


7. Stripes: topstitch short edges

Secure the short edges with a seam. To do this, sew a short seam parallel to the edge close to the edge.

Then sew about the width of a presser foot and parallel to the first seam over it a second time. Repeat this step on the remaining short edges of your strips of fabric.



Sew the bag, pin the strips


8. Pin the strips

Fold the strips in half lengthways and pin them in the middle of the top edge of your bag body.

The first strip goes on the front of the front, the second strip on the back.



Sew bag, sew on strips


9. Sew on the strips

Sew on the strips. You can do this again with the sewing machine or with the overlock.

Sew around it once. Then use the sewing machine to neaten the edges again with a zigzag stitch.




Sew and topstitch bags


10. Quilting

Fold the drawstring upwards. At the short places without the drawstring, fold the seam allowance over accordingly and pin it in place. Quilt the top edge on your bag (not the drawstring!).

Close around it again here as well.





Sew the bag, pull the cord through


11. Pull the cord through

Cut your cotton cord into two approx. 1 m long strips and thread them through the drawstring. First thread a strip through both drawstrings so that their ends come out on one side. Thread the second cord in the opposite direction to the first. Tie a knot at both ends on each side. Now you can pull on both ends and your bag will close.






Sewing instructions bag free of charge

Download instructions as PDF here

True Fabrics_Instructions for jewelry board.pdf

free sewing instructions drawstring

Free sewing instructions sew the bag yourself

free sewing instructions for bags

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