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A jewelry board is not only practical, but also decorative! Thanks to the wadding, the board can also be provided with pins, on which other treasures can find their place. You can find the instructions for the jewelry board as PDF below. Have fun copying!

jewelry board instructionsTHAT'S NEEDED:                             

• Frame, e.g. 22,5 cm * 28,5 cm
•    African fabric, 22,5cm * 28,5cm e.g. ours Wax prints
• elastic band or similar (2 * 28,5 cm)
• cotton wool
• Glue stick, sewing thread, needle, scissors, pins

tinker jewelry board


First cut out a piece of fabric that is slightly larger (approx. 5 cm on each side)
is as the back wall of your frame.
Turn the back wall over and completely cover the front with cotton wool.
enlarge accordingly!

make earring board yourself

Now place the fabric in the middle.

Turn the whole thing over, fold the edges inwards once and one after the other
glue to the back wall.
Stretch the fabric well. The best way to do this is to glue the opposite sides one after the other.


So that the tension is maintained, the edges of the fabric with a few at the corners
Sew stitches together.

To measure the distance between the bands (if you have a larger frame,
you can also attach more than two of them)
turn the whole thing around again.

make earring holderThen fix the straps on the back (stretch them nicely)
and sew it onto the fabric.

Depending on the nature of the tape and especially with large picture frames
it is advisable to place the straps in the middle (or in several places)
to fix in addition. Simply attach the ribbons to the fabric with a few stitches.

Put it in the frame, equip it with treasures and put it on the wall! =)

Instructions for jewelry board as PDF
True Fabrics_Instructions for jewelry board.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document (242.1 KB)


Matching fabrics for the jewelry board