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Do you always feel that you don't even know what to do with all the odds and ends? Oh, if only you had a suitable bag for everything, for example to store knitting utensils, pens and sketchbooks or all of the charging labels. Well then! Sew your matching purse, just as you need it. You decide the dimensions yourself and you can also choose between a flat pocket and a pocket with a little depth. Both variants are explained to you in the instructions. In the end you just have to choose your favorite fabric, we recommend one of the beautiful Indian fabrics Hand block or screen prints. By the way, you can find the eBook for instructions at the bottom of the page. Have fun sewing!

sewing bags 1

sewing bags 2

sewing bags 3



  • Fabric: Chandur Floral, approx. 0,35 m
  • Lining fabric, woven fabric
  • thin iron-on insert
  • Zip in your desired length
  • matching yarn



  • Fabric scissors
  • Linear
  • textile marker
  • Wonderclips
  • Iron
  • Optional: small twine scissors


1. Cutting

You can freely choose the dimensions for your bag and adapt it to your requirements. You need 2 pieces each from your outer fabric, your lining material and from the insert. Also take into account a seam allowance of at least 1 cm. My pattern pieces have the dimensions 22 x 17 cm, so that at the end a small bag with the finished dimensions of approx. 20 x 15 cm is created.

Sewing instructions for the pocket iron on the inserts


2. Iron on the insert

Iron your insert onto the two pattern pieces made from your outer fabric. If your lining is very thin, you can also iron on a thin insert here.


Free sewing instructions Pin the pouch zipper in place


3. Secure the zipper

Place a pattern piece from your outer fabric in front of you with the right side of the fabric facing up. Pin the zipper on the top long edge. If you've chosen a fabric that has a directional pattern, make sure it's the right way up. Pin the pattern piece from the lining material right sides together.


Sewing instructions Sew the zipper in the pouch


4. Sew on the zipper

Sew the zipper a presser foot width. Stop the seam just before the slider, lift the presser foot,
pull the slider backwards, press the presser feet back down and continue sewing as normal. Lock the seams well at the beginning and the end, that is, sew once briefly back and forth.


Free sewing instructions to topstitch the bag


5. Quilting

Iron the edge you have just sewn so that the seam allowance lies between the fabric and the zipper on top. Quilt the edge close to the edge. Now sew the other two pattern pieces from the outer and lining fabric in the same way. At the end, topstitch the edge again.


Sewing instructions for the pouch Put the pouch together


6. Put the bag together

Open the zipper. Then put the pattern pieces from your outer fabric and the inner lining right sides together. The zipper is in the middle, the seam allowance from the zipper looks towards the outer fabric.


free sewing instructions for sewing bags


7. Sew the bag together

Now sew everything around it with a seam allowance of 1 cm. Start at the bottom in the inner lining and leave a turning opening of at least 5 cm open. Again, lock the ends and the beginning well.

If you want to sew a flat pocket, you are almost done here. Cut the seam allowance diagonally at the corners and shorten the ends of the zipper as well. You can skip the next two steps.


Free sewing instructions mark the corners of the pocket


8. Mark the corners

To give your little bag depth, the corners are now sewn off. Fold the four corners so that the bottom seam and side seam meet to form a triangle. Mark a straight line approx. 3 cm from the tip of the seam (not the tip of the seam allowance!). The marking runs across the seams.


Sewing instructions Sewing bags Sew corners


9. Sew the corners

Sew off all four corners along your mark. Lock the beginning and ends well here as well. Then cut off the corners until just before the seam.


Sewing instructions turn the bag


10. Turn

Turn your bag inside out through the opening. Shape the four corners as well. Close the reversible opening by hand or close it with a sewing machine and slide the inner lining into your pocket.



free sewing instructions sew a bag

Download instructions as PDF here

Sewing instruction bag
Adobe Acrobat document (1023 KB)

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