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12,49  / ½ running meter

Beautiful batik fabric made of high quality cotton. Batik has been a tradition in Malaysia for over 2000 years. The fabrics bring complex patterns and colors together in creative designs. Best of all, they are made in a social enterprise to promote women.

The fabrics are delivered to us in 2 m pieces. We sell them in units of 0,5 m. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver in one piece from 2,5 m!

  • Origin: Malaysia
  • Material: medium soft cotton (100%)
  • Width: 110 cm
  • Weight: 125 g / m2
  • SocialSur+: We donate at least € 1,00 per running meter sold aid projects..

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Batik fabric manufacture
Delivery Time 2-3 working days

24,98  / m

Not available

The batik fabrics from Malaysia are made by a social enterprise that has set itself the task of breaking the poverty cycle of women with families in the country. The fabrics are handcrafted meter by meter from high-quality cotton fabrics. Batik has been practiced in Southeast Asia for 2000 years. The complex dyeing process creates beautiful, sophisticated designs that are unique and represent the region they come from. The process uses colourfast wax to create elaborate patterns and designs. The wax is then washed off to reveal the tie-dye pattern, or the process is repeated to apply multiple colors.

Additional Information

Weight 0,23 kg


Run in / KW


The Brand



125 g / m²


110 cm

Handle / case

medium soft


Level 2

Binding type

plain weave

Care / washing

30 ° C


Decoration, pillows, dresses, clothing, bags, patchwork / quilting




May, red


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