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Dancing Spirit Purple

Dancing Spirit Purple

10,49  / ½ running meter

Feather-soft, high-quality cotton fabric with a lively Aboriginal design. Each pattern is designed by an Aboriginal artist and tells a story from their culture.

Available from a unit of 0,5 meter. Please put the desired number of 0,5 m units in the shopping cart. Units are delivered in one piece.

  • Origin: Australia
  • Material: very fine, soft cotton (100%)
  • Width: 110 cm
  • Weight: 131 g / m2 (after washing)
  • SocialSur+: SocialSur+: We donate at least € 1,00 per running meter sold aid projects..

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Delivery Time 2-3 working days

20,98  / m


The Australian Aboriginal designs are colorful, vibrant and decorative. Aboriginal art is one of the oldest and most traditional art forms in the world. It is believed to be over 50.000 years old and was passed down through cave, rock, sand or earth paintings. Now she has found a new medium - the Aboriginal fabrics. The designs are created by Aboriginal artists and each fabric tells a story from Aboriginal mythology. Many small color dots are often used, the designs are based on familiar wild and animal motifs and usually use a lively color palette.

Dreamtime story for Dancing Spirit Design by Coleena Wallace:

Coleena Wallace's “Dancing Spirit” design embodies the sacred dance of ancient Aboriginal ancestral spirits, a tradition that dates back to the time of creation. Through their dance, these spirits express their reverence and deep connection to Mother Earth by showing their love and admiration for the sacred land.

Colleen, born Rose Coleena Wallace in 1973 in the parish of Santa Teresa, Australia, grew up in a cultural environment characterized by strong matriarchal influences, where aunts and grandmothers played significant parenting roles. Under the influence of Kathleen Wallace, an esteemed Keringke artist, Colleen began painting in the early 1990s. She is married to Colin Bird Jungala, son of the famous Utopia artist Ada Bird Petyarre. Colleen's art is characterized by precise dot work and the use of bold colors. She often explores subjects such as Awelye, a ceremonial body painting for women. Her artwork, known for its detailed intricacy, has been exhibited in both Australia and the USA. Colleen continues her artistic career while raising her family in Utopia with her husband.

Additional Information

Weight 0,07 kg


Care / washing

30 ° C


Accessories, decoration, clothing, patchwork / quilting, summer, bags




Level 2


Dots and circles, summer fabrics

Handle / case


Binding type

plain weave


130 g / m²

The Brand

printed fabric


110 cm

Run in / KW





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