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Brigitte Creative Jungle Dress


Jungle dress


Patterned cotton (250 cm with 115 cm fabric width,
z. B. "Wax prints"), A seam-covered zipper in gray (50 cm long), striped fabric in the desired colors for the belt (100% cotton, 20 cm with 140 cm fabric width), measuring tape, tissue paper with a centimeter grid, fabric scissors, matching sewing thread 


The seam allowances of 1 cm on each cut edge and 3 cm on the hem and sleeve hem edge are included: Transfer all pattern parts according to the drawing to scale on a tissue paper with a centimeter grid and cut them out. Then transfer all pattern pieces to the patterned cotton fabric and cut them to size. Cut the belt into 16 cm x 140 cm from the striped fabric.

For the back piece, neaten the cut edges in the center back. Close the center back right to the right from the zipper marking, iron the seam allowance apart. Sew the concealed zip in the center back. Place the upper pocket bag on the front part, right sides together, according to the characters, sew the pocket opening according to the marking, cut the seam allowance at the seam ends. Put the pocket bag inside, iron out the edge and topstitch an ankle width. Place the lower pocket pouch right sides together on the upper pocket pouch, close the pocket pouch and serge it. Side seam edges stand together. Close shoulder seams on the front and back, iron the seam allowance in the back, topstitch.

Place the sleeves right sides together at the armhole edge according to the characters, sew, iron the seam allowance in the top, topstitch. Close sleeve and side seams, iron seam allowance in the back. Close shoulder seams in the slip. Document right sides together on the front and back 

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Jungle dress detailPlace the neckline edge, sew. Iron the seam allowance into the slip and stitch it tight. Place the receipt inside, fold in the center back and touch the zipper tape by hand. Stitch the outer edge of the document cut tightly and foot width. Iron around the hem and sleeve hem 3 cm, fold in the cut edges, topstitch the hem and sleeve hem at 2 cm. Turn the belt over, topstitch it tightly and ankle width. 



Thanks to its teeth, the concealed zip becomes almost invisible when it is closed. It visually disappears in the seam. 

Djungel Dress dress sewing pattern

Instructions published in Brigitte Kreativ issue 2/2016
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Download instructions as PDF here

Sewing instructions Brigitte Kreativ Heft 2/2016
Four sewing instructions made from fabrics by True Fabrics
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2MB]