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Brigitte Kreativ mammoth bag

Sewing instructions mammoth bag by Brigitte Kreativ

Sewing instructions mammoth bagMATERIAL (DIMENSIONS: APPROX. 80 CM X 50 CM): 

Patterned cotton (150 cm with 115 cm fabric width, e.g. "Fancy prints"), Single-colored fabric in yellow (5 cm for 140 cm fabric width), cream-colored thin cotton fabric (150 cm for 140 cm fabric width), 1 zipper in cream (16 cm long), webbing in white and yellow striped (3,8 cm x 128 cm, e.g. from Ms. Tulpe), suitable sewing thread, fabric scissors, tape measure, tailor's chalk. 



The seam allowances of 1 cm on each edge are already included for all parts in the pattern: Cut the two different bag parts twice from the patterned outer fabric and the organza lining (see drawing). Cut the strap for the straps into two equally long pieces (2 cm x 3,8 cm). Cut both ribbons in 64 cm x 4 cm each from the yellow fabric, pocket bags in 30 cm x 46 cm from the organza and strips for the zipper window in the pocket bag in 18 cm x 5 cm from the organza. For the zipper pocket in the lining bag (see photo 18 below), draw a mark in one of the two lining bags with a hollow on the upper edge: 1 cm from the side cut edges, 15 cm and 8 cm from the rounded edge. This creates a window measuring 9 cm in length x 16 cm in width. Place the strips for the zipper window right sides together right in the middle of the marking, sew the window as marked. Cut the window up to 1 cm in front of the end points in the middle and cut diagonally towards the corners. Lay the strips inwards, iron out the edges, cut back seam allowances to 1 cm. Place the zipper under the window and topstitch it close to the edge. Sew one edge of the pocket bag right sides together to the lower zipper tape, serge the edges. Sew the other edge of the pocket pouch right sides together to the top zipper tape, serge the edges. Close and serge the side pocket bag edges right sides together.

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Place two different outer fabric bag parts (with a straight edge and one with a hollow) right sides together and sew together on the long, rounded edge, overcast seam allowances. Now sew the two parts of the bag together, right sides together, so that the straight edges and the cavities are opposite each other, neaten the seam allowances. Sew the lining bag together in the same way. Turn over the ribbon made from the yellow fabric, iron it and topstitch it tightly. Stitch the ribbon on both sides in the middle of the cavity on the upper edge of the bag, right sides together. Fold over the ends of the straps by approx. 4 cm, stitch in place, then lay them right side out on the upper straight edge directly next to the cavity, leaving the ends of the straps protruding 4 cm, stitch in place. Place the bag and the feed bag inside each other, right sides together and stitch together at the top edge all around, but leave a 15 cm long opening on one straight edge to turn it over. Neaten the seam allowance, turn the bag inside out, iron out the edges, iron in the cut edges of the opening, topstitch the edge close to an foot width, topstitch the opening. Stitch the inside ends of the webbing tightly all around from the left and embroider a color-contrasted cross in the preliminary stitch from corner to corner (see photo 2 below).

Sewing pattern mammoth bag 1

Sewing pattern mammoth bag 2

Details on the bag

Small things with a big effect: The quickly embroidered cross sets a beautiful color accent, the practical inside pocket holds the most important things together in the big mess of the giant bag.

Mammoth bag detail 1

Mammoth bag detail 2

Instructions published in Brigitte Kreativ issue 2/2016
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Download instructions as PDF here

Sewing instructions Brigitte Kreativ Heft 2/2016
Four sewing instructions made from fabrics by True Fabrics
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