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Sewing instructions loop


Autumn is coming, it can no longer be denied. What helps against the first fresh winds and at the same time ensures a better mood in the first cloudy days is a beautiful, colorful loop. You can also decorate it with a bobble border. It gets particularly colorful with the great one Roots & Seeds by Rosmary Pitjara from Australia. You can use a color-matching fabric as a combination fabric, a cozy sweat was used here. But you can also use a woven fabric. 

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Sewing Instructions-Loop-Step1Tools

  • Fabric scissors
  • big ruler
  • optional: Wonder clips or pins



  • 0,5 m cotton fabric, e.g. Roots & Seeds
  • 0,5 m black combination fabric 
  • 1,5 m pom pom lace

Sewing Instructions-Loop-Step2

1. Cutting

Spread out your fabric in front of you and Use a rotary cutter and a patchwork ruler to cut it into oblique strips. I decided on a 60 degree angle. Markings for this are drawn on the ruler. Cut the strips to different widths and repeat the cut with your combination fabric. Again you can  choose different widths. 

Sewing Instructions-Loop-Step3

2. Combine

Alternate your pattern pieces next to each other. Combine them so that you have a straight edge on both sides. 

Sewing Instructions-Loop-Step4

3. Pin the pom pom lace

Take a patterned piece and cut your pom-pom lace according to the long edge and pin it in place. It should have a distance of approx. 0,5 cm from the edge. 

Sewing Instructions-Loop-Step5

4. Pin the combination fabric

Now put your combination fabric right sides together on the corresponding edge and pin it in place too. To prevent the bobble braid from shifting, it is better to use too much than too few clips or pins. 

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Sewing Instructions-Loop-Step6

5. Sew the pattern pieces together

Now sew the two fabrics together with the Bobble braid tight in between. You can do this with an overlock machine, but also with a normal sewing machine. Depending on how much your combination fabric is fray, you can overcast the seam allowances. 

Repeat the last two steps with yours other pattern parts and the bobble border. 

Sewing Instructions-Loop-Step7

6. Close lengths

Fold your large pattern lengthways in the middle so that the long edges meet right sides together. Pin them and sew them together. This is how a hose is created. 

Sewing Instructions-Loop-Step8

7. Complete the loop

Pull one end of the hose through the hose to the second end so that they are inside right sides together. Pin the ends together, then sew the round together. Leave a turning opening of approx. 5-8 cm open. 

Sewing Instructions-Loop-Step9

8. Turn

Turn your loop inside out through the turning opening and close the turning opening by hand or with the machine. 

Sewing Instructions-Loop-Step10

Download instructions as PDF here

Adobe Acrobat document (1.0 MB)



Sewing instructions-Loop-4

Sewing instructions-Loop-5

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