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Unique fabrics from all over the world | Free shipping from 80 €


What is our vision, what are our goals, who are our suppliers? The answer provides our True Story

We want to make the added value of our unique fabrics transparent from their production to delivery to our customers and to meet the various facets of sustainability as best as possible. For us, sustainability means designing (own) processes in an environmentally friendly manner, using ecologically harmless raw materials and materials, and contributing to fair working conditions and fair wages for our suppliers' employees (you can find a list of the specific measures here). The conditions regarding the exchange as well as the production methods and standards vary greatly in the different countries of origin of the fabrics, which means that each supplier covers an individual profile of sustainability aspects. Each supplier has his own True Story.

We want to do good with our project and the fabrics we sell. All over the world and yet very close on site. Therefore, part of the money we generate goes to aid projects in the home countries of our suppliers. With a part of the purchase, each customer contributes to the creation and improvement of educational opportunities in the supplier countries, local health systems to be expanded or the supply of drinking water to be ensured (you can find a list of the donation projects here). With our work we promote high-quality and / or traditional textile handicrafts from small and medium-sized companies and bring a piece of their culture to us. With the proceeds we create added value beyond the boundaries of the classic value chain. To do this, we combine sustainable trade with charitable donations, a concept that is as unique as our fabrics themselves. That is our vision - ours True Story.

The true stories of our suppliers are based on written interviews and other information from the Internet. These are unique Portraits that you imagine the people behind the fabrics. Based on six central values ​​for our work (see illustration), we then created an individual profile of sustainability aspects that quickly shows in which areas our suppliers are particularly committed and where there are still goals to be achieved.