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Unique fabrics from all over the world | Free shipping from 80 €

Implement sustainability 

Donate: We want the sale of our fabrics to also benefit people who are not involved in the creation of value. So we have that SocialSur+ created. For every meter of fabric sold, we transfer at least € 1,00 per meter sold, thereby supporting aid projects in the countries of origin.

Procurement: In order to compensate for the unavoidable emissions caused by the transport of the substances from the manufacturing countries to Germany, we compensate for the emissions caused by the transport flights (our quantities are far too small for the sea route). This is done via the compensation provider atmosfair. We receive most of the data on emissions from DHL.

Shipping: Within Germany, all shipments are sent with the GoGreen service of the German Post. This is how we ensure that the fabrics travel from us to the customer in a largely climate-neutral way.



Shipping material: We use direct recycling mailing bags and cardboard boxes made from recycled cardboard to ship our fabrics. The mailing bags are made directly from old map material and are therefore the most ecological way to send our products.

Vegan stickers: A sticker that is free of any animal products? Yes, there is and we use it. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us here inform yourself. 

Promotional materials: We print our flyers on 100% recycled waste paper that is certified with the blue angel. We also choose a CO2-neutral pressure to offset the emissions that arise in the production process.


Blog: We want to guarantee transparency in our activities. That is why we provide information on our blog in series Founding story about the exciting journey we are with True Fabrics experience and report on the things that hurt, such as our first delivery.

Awareness: We have made it our task to draw attention to grievances in the textile industry, such as unfair competition through East Asian imitations of African fabrics.

Traditional handicraft: We purchase most of our fabrics directly from small textile producers who use traditional manufacturing methods to make the fabrics. 

Cultural identity: In addition to traditional production, many of the fabrics with their designs also tell a story or have a special meaning. We want these stories to be told here too. 

Direct Trade: We maintain a direct relationship with most of our suppliers and purchase the fabrics without intermediaries. In this way, we pay the prices our suppliers ask and we know that 100% of the money will reach them.

Server: The electricity in the data centers in which we host our website is generated from renewable energy sources, predominantly from hydropower in Scandinavian hydropower plants. The electricity is certified by EnergieVision eV and bears the green electricity label “ok-power”.

Home office: In our home office, too, from where we do most of our work, we only use green electricity.


Suppliers/True Story: We try to meet the various facets of sustainability in all areas and as well as possible. However, there are also hurdles: for example, many of our suppliers are not explicitly Fair Trade certified or only work with organic cotton. This is impossible for the small manufacturers due to the high costs for the certificates or due to a lack of structures. But that doesn't mean that our suppliers aren't sustainable at all. Many get involved locally, only work with natural resources, create green jobs and secure the livelihood of their employees. In other words: the conditions with regard to the production methods and standards vary in the different countries of origin of the fabrics, which means that each supplier has an individual profile of sustainability aspects. Each supplier has his own True Story.