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Translated into German, the bucket bag would mean something like basket bag. And even if it sounds strange at first, at least the function and shape of the bag are derived from a basket. But the bucket bag made of beautiful Aboriginal fabrics is not round, but has a square bottom. Nevertheless, it is the perfect companion in everyday life. In the bag, with the finished dimensions of 17 x 26 cm and a depth of 8 cm, there is not only space for your wallet and mobile phone, a book also fits in. The straps are made of a hemp rope, the bottom and the upper edge are made of colored cork. Together with the Australian aboriginal fabrics this creates a great mix of different natural materials.

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bucket-bag sewing



  • Fabric: Untitled Black by Nabooka, 0,5 m
  • Cork fabric, 50 x 50 cm
  • Iron-on fleece insert H630
  • Eyelets (8 mm), 8 pieces
  • Eye pliers (old hammer + washer)
  • Cotton cord, 5 m




  • Fabric scissors
  • Linear
  • textile marker
  • Wonderclips
  • Iron
  • Optional: small twine scissors




Cut the following pattern pieces (dimensions including 1 cm seam allowance): 

Outer fabric

  • 2x outside pocket, part 1: 28 x 19 cm
  • 2x inner pocket: 28 x 26 cm (cut off 2 squares of 4 x 4 cm on the lower wider side)

Cork fabric

  • 1x outside pocket, part 2: 54 x 8 cm in the break
  • 2x bottom: 28 x 9 cm (cut off 2 squares of 4 x 4 cm on the lower wider side)


  • 2x outside pocket, part 1: 28 x 19 cm
  • 2x inner pocket: 28 x 26 cm (cut off 2 squares of 4 x 4 cm on the lower wider side)

sewing instructions bucket bag 4

 1. Sew the bottom and outer part together

Iron the fleece insert onto the pattern pieces "outer pocket, part 1" and "inner pocket" according to the instructions for use. 

Then place the pattern “floor” made of cork fabric right sides together on the pattern “outer pocket, part 1” and pin it in place. Sew them together with a seam allowance of 1 cm. 

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sewing instructions bucket bag 5

 2. Quilting, part 1

Turn the sewing pieces over and briefly iron over the seam. The seam allowance is folded up. 

Quilt the just sewn seam close to the edge.

sewing instructions bucket bag 6

 3. Sew the outer pocket together

Lay the sewn-together side parts for the outer

Pocket right sides together, pin them and sew them together on the side and on the lower edge with a seam allowance of 1 cm. The cut out squares and the top edge remain open. 

sewing instructions bucket bag 7

 4. Sew the bottom

Pull the bottom apart and fold the cut-out squares together so that the bottom seam meets the respective side seam and a straight edge is created. Pin them in place, the seam allowances are spread apart. Sew them together with a seam allowance of 1 cm.

sewing instructions bucket bag 8

 5. Sew the inner lining together

Sew the lining together in the same way. Lay right sides together, close side and bottom seams, pin bottom seam on side seam and sew. Leave a turning opening of 5-8 cm on one side seam.

sewing instructions bucket bag 9

 6. Sew the cork piece together

Take the pattern “outer pocket, part 2”, fold it right sides together on the short side so that the short edges meet. Sew the strip together with a seam allowance of 1 cm. This is how a ring is created. 


 7. Quilting, part 2

Fold the ring around its circumference so that the left side is on the inside and the beautiful right side is on the outside. Stitch the upper edge close to the edge. 


sewing instructions bucket bag cut the cord

 8. Cut the carrier

Take the cotton cord and cut three strips of equal length. The length depends on whether you want to hang the bucket bag around or just carry it loosely on your shoulder. Adjust the length accordingly.


sewing instructions bucket bag 12

 9. Sew on the cork cut piece and straps

Pin the ends of the strips to the side seams. Make sure that the strings are not twisted. Then place the ring made of the cork fabric with the open edge up on the outer pocket, with the seam in the center back. 

Sew both together with a seam allowance of 1 cm. The straps are sewn on the sides, they lie between the ring made of cork and the outer pocket. 

sewing instructions bucket bag 13

 10. Sew on the inner lining

Pull the inside pocket right sides over from below. The side seams meet directly. Unfold the seam allowances. Pin everything and sew them together. 

Sew carefully, i.e. slowly, over the areas with the strings, as the thickness can be difficult for some machines.

sewing instructions bucket bag 14

 11. Turn

Turn your bag inside out through the reversible opening. However, do not push the inner pocket into the pocket yet. 


sewing instructions bucket bag 15


12. Close the turning opening

Pin the reversible opening together so that the open edges are on the inside and close it by hand or with the machine. 

sewing instructions bucket bag 16

 13. Fold in the eyelets and pull the tape through

On the cork fabric ring, mark the points for the eyelets from the seam in the center back. Start with a distance of 5 cm from the seam and 2 cm from the top edge and continue with a distance of 7 cm between the eyelets. Mark eight eyelets. The eyelets are very close together in the middle at the front. Punch out the spots and attach the eyelets with the eyelet pliers or a hammer. 

Finally, pull the rope through the eyelets. You can choose the length yourself. 


Done - congratulations !!!

Download instructions as PDF here

eBook bucket bag

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