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Sustainable sewing boxes

Sustainable sewing boxes - your creative break!

New at True Fabrics: 

The sustainable sewing subscription!

With our subscription sewing box, you get your creative break every other month as a surprise. sent home. We are putting together a special sewing project for you that you can really look forward to!

In addition, you will receive our exciting every 2 months True Fabrics MAGAZINE, with input for sustainable sewing, lots of tips & tricks, background knowledge, sewing ideas and great interviews! You will learn that fair and ecological sewing is also possible without raising a finger and moral club!

The magazine and the sewing box alternate with each other.

The exact contents of the box will not be revealed beforehand, but we have put them together for you with love and care and offer you sustainably traded fabrics and ecological materials in the required quantities, as well as a detailed Nähanleitung. In addition, there is always a Video for download.

The individual projects are accessory projects, which in turn can be customized and are suitable for sewing beginners, but also provide creative input for experienced seamstresses.

Let yourself be surprised and inspired by how you can present our unique fabrics beautifully and at the same time expand your knowledge of "sustainable sewing".

  • You can book the subscription for a minimum period of 6 months (3 boxes) or for 12 months (6 boxes) and then cancel it monthly.
  • The box or magazine will be sent monthly between the 8th and 12th of each month.
  • Subscribers also get one 5% or 10% discount on all fabrics and sewing supplies at True Fabrics!

We look forward to you joining us for our great sewing projects throughout the year!



“The sewing box is for everyone who wants to take a creative break and get started right away. It contains everything you need for a sewing project. In addition, you get contact with new fabrics that are not so commonplace in the fabric store, and good instructions to get a great result!"


“The sewing box of True Fabrics offers not only many sewing ideas and beautiful instructions for sewing, but also beautiful, high-quality and, above all, unique fabrics and sewing accessories! With the sewing box you bring a piece of Africa home - for a really individual and lasting sewing pleasure.


“I am so excited about the sewing box! There's a lot of love in it. Everything is truly sustainable, organic and/or recycled. In addition, the sewing box takes you on a short vacation and is a great intercultural experience, because it also contains a lot of information about fabrics from all over the world and their traditions. Also many more tips. Very very great! I'm addicted to sewing boxes now."


“I really liked the sewing box. The fabric quality is great and the carefree sewing package is rounded off with the right accessories, of course also in organic quality. The result makes me shine every day. Not only because it looks great, but also because it is super practical. ”


“The special thing about the box is the lovingly selected and sustainable materials. If "Zero Waste" is also important to you when sewing, you've come to the right place!"


“A beautiful and sustainable all-round carefree package for everyone who loves special fabrics and creative input. ”

@september thread

“I am totally excited about the sustainable sewing box. It contains everything you need for a little creative break. Just unpack and get started and enjoy the sewing time. With the sewing video and the written instructions, the boxes are no problem even for sewing beginners. The instructions also include suggestions for using leftovers and other interesting information. From me there is a clear purchase recommendation."


“I was very excited about what to expect with the sewing box. A beautifully chosen sewing project and matching fabrics and supplies. Illustrated instructions and a lovingly designed sewing video. So you can start directly. I was pleasantly surprised by the sewing box.”

@sugar seam