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Unique fabrics from all over the world | Free shipping from 80 €
NOTE: We are closed from 19 to 26 July.
All incoming orders will be shipped from July 29th.

About True Fabrics

Your fabric store with a social conscience for unique fabrics from all over the world!

The True Fabrics- The journey began in 2015 as an "affair of the heart" for Colin Bien and Magdalena Schreiner. Right from the start, we worked with small and medium-sized textile producers, for example from Ghana, Togo, South Africa, Nepal, Australia, Guatemala and India. This promotes True Fabrics traditional craft, advocates cultural diversity and ensures ecological and social processes.

Since 2021 Raphael Hilbrig and Lucia-Maria Masini now control the project and thus follow their vision of one fair, social and sustainable trade in the world.

True Fabrics not only offers a huge selection of unique fabrics, but also at least € 1,00 per meter of fabric sold, flows directly into aid projects..

Connects with it True Fabrics sustainable trade with charitable donations, a concept that is as unique as the fabrics themselves!

The team

  • Raphael Hilbriig

    Owner & Managing Director

    Raphael coordinates the day-to-day business and organizes the main location in Frankfurt am Main. He is responsible for the entire online presence and marketing. After living in South Africa for many years, he now has Africa in his heart. It is his intention to create values ​​with his daily work that have an impact beyond the borders of the continents. He already founded Ubuntu World, the online marketplace for African products and thus promotes sustainable and economic growth on the African continent. Fascinated by the beautiful ShweShwe products, he was now inspired, more intensely into the colorful world of fabrics True Fabrics dive in and expand your vision of sustainable trade to other continents!
  • Lucia Maria Masini

    Co-owner, purchasing, Berlin showroom

    Is responsible for the Berlin location, organizes the showroom there, organizes nearby events and contributes with creativity and heart. Her varied life is shaped by numerous foundings. If Children's animation company, own kindergarten, Children's circus, Cultural center or Showroom: Lucia-Maria always combines her wealth of ideas with an individual entrepreneurial spirit. Today she is in Ubuntu room in Berlin Courses, seminars and consultations. The creative sideline “sewing” has now become her new passion!
  • dr Colin Bien

    Founder & Consultant

    Colin is an economist and sustainability scientist who founded in 2015 True Fabrics. The impetus was a study visit to Tanzania, where the born Hanseatic man got to know and love the colorful world of African fabrics. With one hand on the wheel, he always balances the course between daily business and business model optimization. Today Colin advises companies on Sustainability management and also maintains one Podcast to this topic. Please listen to it!